MI 420 Hi-Fi Wire Frame (A7) “Tasker”


This project derives from the idea that I wanted this app to exploit user simplicity and functionality. A task manager app can be a practical app in almost any person’s day to day activities. The design for my Hi-Fi wire frame was inspired by some aspects of my Lo-Fi wire frame from A6 created with Balsamiq. For this project, I designed an improved task manager app/browser utilizing the software Axure. For the overall look of the app, I decided that the black, green, and white for the browser version; and the green, grey, and white for the app version looked very crisp together.


I first began this process by designing the app version, starting with the very first screen that loads when the app is opened. On this screen, the title of the task manager, “Tasker.” Then the user only has one option to click on, which is the task icon to open up the home page. The home page was the next section that I developed. From the home page, the user has four main options: “Add Task”, “Remove Task”, “View Tasks”, and “settings.” I created each page of the app in that previously stated order. For the browser version, I started off creating the home page, and from there I created all the sequential tabs on the home screen.


After conducting user tests, I realized that I did not include as many page links to my buttons that the users wanted to test out. For example, the user clicked on a drop down bar during the app user test thinking that it would actually drop down a menu, however, I did not implement that feature but I did try to. Overall, I got a lot of positive feedback on the look of the app, including the colors and the layouts, as well as the amount of functions in this prototype.

User Tests:


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